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The merit of turbo cars is that they can produce more power than NA cars. In different countries, the larger the displacement, the higher the tax. But with a turbo car, even a small displacement with a low tax can draw out sufficient power. Also, if you have a car with the same displacement. You can enjoy more powerful and sporty driving with a turbo car.

I will explain the features of Spoologic turbo cars and the mechanism of the turbo (turbocharger) in detail later. But first of all, let’s remember that “a car with a turbo that you can enjoy powerful driving!”. By the way, among the models handled by Toyota Mobility Tokyo. Turbo cars are set for Crown, Harrier, C-HR, tank, etc.

What is the Difference Between NA and Turbo?

Column Turbo car Difference between NA and turbo. Automobiles can be divided into “turbo cars” with a turbo (turbocharger) and “NA (normal aspiration or natural aspiration) cars” without a supercharger such as a turbo. From here, I will explain the features of “turbo cars” and “NA cars”.

NA car Overview:

NA car“NA (Normal Aspiration or Natural Aspiration)” is a term used to describe a naturally aspirated engine without a turbo. For example, a naturally aspirated engine is called an “NA engine”. And a car equipped with an NA engine is called an “NA car”. “NA car” obtains driving force by mixing and burning the air taken in (intake) from the air cleaner and gasoline. Therefore, it is not possible to take in the air above atmospheric pressure. And the power is basically determined by the displacement and engine speed.

Overview of Turbo Car:

“Turbo (turbocharger)” is a term that refers to a supercharger that uses the power of exhaust gas. For example, an engine with a turbo is called a “turbo engine”. And a car equipped with a turbo engine is called a “turbo car”. Turbo cars compress the air and send it to the engine. So you can get the power that NA cars cannot. By the way, the pressure of compressed air is called “boost pressure”. And the higher the boost pressure, the tighter the compressed “dense” air can be sent to the engine. If you like modified cars. You may want to power up by increasing the boost pressure (boost up) or replacing it with a larger capacity turbo (turbocharger).

Column Turbo car Advantages:

The biggest feature of turbo cars is that they produce more power and torque than NA cars if they have the same displacement. But there are other advantages and disadvantages as well. Here, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of turbo cars compared to NA cars.

Turbo cars can produce power!

The biggest feature of turbo cars is that they have more power than NA cars. Compared to NA cars with the same displacement. Turbo cars are more powerful. And even if the engine displacement is reduced. It is possible to demonstrate the same power as a higher-grade displacement by supplementing with a turbo (turbocharger).

In recent years, “downsizing turbo”, which combines a turbo (turbocharger) with a small displacement and compact engine, has become popular worldwide in order to improve fuel efficiency and environmental performance, reduce weight, and reduce maintenance costs. By the way, among the models handled by Toyota Mobility Tokyo. The C-HR, which combines a 1.2L engine with a turbo, is a representative model of downsizing turbo.

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